Note: STK-RF211-1 pictures above is a prototype unit.  The STK-RF211-1 has a solder mask and silk screen.

Adapter Board for Atmel's RF211 module to use with the STK500 Development Board


General Description

The STK-RF211-1 was developed to give developers an economical and easy way to develop their designs using Atmel's RF211 module and STK500 development board.  The STK-RF211-1 has all of the 10 pin port headers on the STK500.  These are useful if the developer needs to use an emulator pod with the STK500.  The user can connect to the STK-RF211-1 using 10 pin ribbon cables while using the emulator. After the code is developed the STK-RF211-1 can be mounted on the STK500 board using the EXPAND0 and EXPAND1 connector.  The STK-RF211-1 has JTAG connector for both analog and digital AVR devices that support JTAG debug.  The developer can plug their JTAG ICE to the STK-RF211-1 and start developing!


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