In System Programmer for Atmel AVR Microcontrollers


Supported Devices

AT90S1200,AT90S2313, AT90S4414, AT90S8515, AT90S/LS4433, AT90S/LS8535 AT90S/LS2333, AT90S/LS4433, ATtiny15, ATmega103, ATmega163, ATmega8,ATmega16, ATmega323

Under development:  ATtiny12/12L, ATtiny22/22L,  ATmega128

General Description

The NetISP-A is designed for production programming of Atmel's SPI in system programmable flash microcontrollers. The NetISP-A programming algorithms have been coded to use configurable variables set by the host software. Using configurable variables allows solving unforeseen programming algorithm problems. Other programming devices that use hard coded variables may fail to program devices that have slow target clock speed, low voltage operation and long reset delays. The NetISP-A uses a three position toggle switch to select the power connection to the target device. The power connection has the following options.

Isolated: Target has its own power supply and the NetISP-A is completely optically isolated from the target
5.0V: The NetISP-A will supply the target device with 5.0Vdc @ 100mA max.
3.5V: The NetISP-A will supply the target device with 3.5Vdc @ 100mA max.

The NetISP-A has the capability to have its firmware upgraded.  This feature means the NetISP-A will be able to support new SPI programmable microcontrollers Atmel delivers.  The firmware upgrades will be posted on our website for customer download.  The host software updates will also be posted on our website for customer download.

Push Button Programming Description

The NetISP-A can be set up to program devices with being connected to a host PC. The NetISP-A contains 135K of flash memory to store device flash and eeprom files. The host software has a wizard which will guide the user on setting up the NetISP-A for push button programming. A brief description of the wizard's steps.
1. Select the device
2. Select the device program files
3. Select the device eeprom files
4. Select the SPI clock speed
5. Select the device specific features
6. Select the lock and fuse bits to set.
7. Finish (program the NetISP-A for push button operation)

The NetISP-A can now be disconnected from the PC and program your target device by pressing the PROGRAM push button located on the front panel of the NetISP-A.  The LED's on the front panel of the NetISP-A indicate the current status programming, verifying, and device pass/fail.   

Network Description

The NetISP-A can be networked via RS485 to achieve 'gang' programming. The NetISP-A has both RS232 and RS485 communication hardware that is jumper selectable. When setting up the NetISP-A for networking each programmer needs to have its address selection jumpers set to a unique address. The NetISP-A that is connected directly to the PC will be referred to as the master. The master NetISP-A has to have its address set to 00 and configured to communicate on RS232. The master NetISP-A controls the RS485 transceiver for the host PC to communicate with the slave NetISP-A programmers. The NetISP-A slaves should be configured to communicate on their RS485 transceivers. The host software has fields to select which NetISP-A devices are active. When the host executes a command all active programmers will receive the command.

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